About Us

So what is this website all about anyway? Very simply stated, as a member of the CommunitySportsPages.com family, our mission statement is this: "We exist to promote all forms of athletics in our community as well as the businesses that make Sarasota a wonderful place to live and work."

We do that by providing a venue for people to get information that they might miss otherwise. Think of us as an "Umbrella" website that is not just for one League or Team but rather a website that provides you with information on EVERY League and Team.

Coaches or Team Moms simply join our site and create a new, free TEAM Page. Then members of that team Join our site and request to Join that TEAM Page. Once accepted, you will get messages from your coach, be able to get schedules/directions/documents for your team, receive rain-out notifications, and have your personal calendar auto-populated with events for any team to which you belong. Think about that... you can see your entire sports schedule at one place regardless of the sport or league to which you or your kids belong. Never again will you have to wonder "when do we have a practice or game this week?" You can even post photos, video links, and documents to your personal page, view photos/documents/events on your Teamís page, and see "what else" is happening in Sarasota!

Want reminders about games or practices? No problem. Sign up for Notifications and you will be sent text and email automated reminders prior to any game or practice.

But best of all, you will be helping other people in our community learn about your sports program so they can participate as well. And for those of you that want to get great deals from local businesses, OUR ADVERTISERS post special discounts to help you save money on all kinds of great products and services found here in Sarasota!

Please join us in becoming more "community focused" and we will help get the word out about your league or team!

Coming Soon - 2014